Thyme Bomb Crawling Insect Killer - The Green Insecticide
The Green Insecticide
Thyme Bomb is effective against all crawling insects, including:
Plus, it's suitable for indoor use at all facilities, including:

Ants - Roaches - Drain Flies
Fruit Flies - Spiders
Dust Mites - Crickets
House Flies - Millipedes
Bed Bugs - And Many More

Schools - Hospitals - Prisons
Hotels - Restaurants - Offices
Kitchens - Food Processing Plants
Food Preparation Areas
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Gymnasiums - Warehouses
Animal Clinics - And Many More


  • Produces rapid knock down and kill
  • Provides 1 month residual
  • Has a fresh wintergreen scent
  • Is safe around food prep areas
  • Is safe around people and pets
  • Is EPA Exempt
  • Contains all natural active ingredients:
    Thyme and Wintergreen Oil

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